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2021 Update

At the moment WFi is accepting fewer article submissions than before, but are still interested in articles on South American football, Central and North American football, African football, Asian football, concise scout reports, and ‘world football’ topics beyond the usual coverage.

We can’t guarantee all will be able to be published, but we are still interested in at least discussing articles on undercovered areas of the game.

We can also suggest other good sites even if we don’t have the capacity to publish them ourselves.

Email: contact@worldfootballindex.com

Twitter: @WorldFootballi – DMs open

Original Write For Us blurb

We always welcome writers looking to cover football in any part of the world, no matter how obscure the region or the topic.

If you are looking for a platform for your football writing, stories, reports, or other media, we would like to hear from you.

We can’t pay writers. No one gets paid at WFi at the moment, including the editors, and on the rare occasion any money is made it goes back into the site and podcasts to support hosting fees, production, and upkeep of the various strands of our football media outlet.

Many WFi contributors have gone to secure paid work in the industry and have had their work published by outlets including the BBC, the Guardian, the Times, Sky Sports, the Telegraph, and Football Whispers. Others have gone into full or part-time scouting or coaching roles.

We also receive contributions from those already working in football, or the football media, who need an outlet which gives them the freedom to publish something different.

For new writers, we do our best to offer advice on style, grammar, and research, if and where required. We have done so for many writers who have contributed to the site while trying to break into the industry or studying for a relevant qualification.

Views on individual articles range from a few hundred to around 40,000.

If you want to submit an article for consideration or want more information, contact us using the email address or social media points of contact below.

Email: contact@worldfootballindex.com

Twitter: @WorldFootballi – DMs open

If we accept more than one article and you are able to commit to writing on a regular basis, we will add you to our WFi WhatsApp group where ideas are shared and world football is discussed.

As well as our usual niche pieces on anything football related, we are always looking for writers to report on the following teams.

AC Milan
Bayern Munich
Boca Juniors
Borussia Dortmund
Inter Milan
Liverpool FC
Manchester United
Real Madrid

However, if you are interested in reporting on a team which isn’t listed here, get in touch and we can discuss what you have in mind.

World Football Index is a UEFA and FIFA registered media outlet, and if you’re a writer who has the relevant press cards and identification (SJA, AIPS, etc.) you can contact us to discuss reporting on football competitions or teams as an official WFi journalist.