The World Football Index podcast covers the beautiful game from all corners of the globe.

With its range of hosts and guests, the show draws on the knowledge of experts based in all parts of the world. North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia; WFI has it covered.

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Some of the regular shows you can find on the World Football Index podcast feed:

The South American Football Show

XI Pieces of Me

The Tactics Podcast

Bodies in The Box

The Sound of La Liga

Serie A Sitdown

The EPL Podcast


Stevie Grieve

Srikanth Bala

Reed Maltbie

Pal Odengard

Matias Grez

Nikos Overheul

Jon Townsend

Michael Beale

Cameron Wilson

Robbie Blakeley

James Young

Gavin Haverty

Ted Knutson

Tim Vickery

Roberto Rojas

Pablo Medina Uribe

Jessie Losch

Sonja Missio

Matt Skinner

Kevin DeVries

Sven Claes

John Henderson

Nathan Carr

Andy Edwards

Josh Guesman

Jonathan Harding

Tom Marshall

Ralph Hannah

Jonathan Johnson

Nina Kauser

Jan Gorski Mescir

Justin Wells

Sean Walker

Carlo Valladares

Joe McQuilken

Andy Wales

Joe Cousins

Austin Miller

Leroy Mala

Adam Brandon

Simon Edwards

Kaylon Karrim

Sam Kelly

Dave Hendrick

Dan Edwards

Shaun Lawson

Leroy Mah

Carl Worswick

Brent Venter

Martin da Cruz