72 – Oleg Salenko: Russia v Cameroon 1994 – 90 World Cup Minutes in 90 Days

WFI‘s Adam Brandon counts down to Russia 2018 with 90 World Cup goals in 90 days, scored in the minute corresponding to the day in the countdown.


This was the first time Russia competed in a World Cup as a non-communist country. During the breakup of the Soviet Union they played as CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) in Euro ’92 and that same year the USSR fully dissolved into 15 post-Soviet states.

Despite this, Russia still went to the 1994 World Cup with players born in present-day Ukraine and Estonia.

Others, like Oleg Salenko, had Ukrainian roots but continued to play for Russia.

Russia had a tough start against Brazil, falling to the brilliance of Romario, and then lost again to a Sweden side destined for the semi-finals.

Their final match against Cameroon was a bit of a nothing game with both teams eliminated, however it turned out to be a game that produced two World Cup records.


The Goal

Salenko gets his fourth goal of the match and he added a fifth three minutes later to become the only player to score five goals in a FIFA World Cup finals match.

He achieved this feat on the same day Roger Milla became the oldest goalscorer in the World Cup.


What Happened Next?

Both sides crashed out of the World Cup but Salenko’s goals were enough to share the Golden Boot with Stoichkov.

Somewhat bizarrely, Salenko never appeared for the Russian national team again.

Russia didn’t qualify for the next World Cup, but did manage to in 2002, 2010 and 2014.

The largest country in the world will be the host of the 2018 World Cup.



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