How To Get the Most From Goalkeeper Gloves

Talent will only take you so far on the football pitch. You also need the right equipment. That’s why outfield players put so much emphasis on picking the perfect boots. For goalkeepers, it’s a similar story, only with gloves instead of boots.

There’s no doubt that the right goalkeeper gloves elevate a goalie’s game. They can help them feel more at ease, and more capable of punching, catching, holding, and saving the ball. If you want to get the most from your gloves, here are some must-know tips and tricks.

Research Gloves Before Buying Them

First, when buying your goalkeeper gloves, don’t rush in. So many keepers – especially young and inexperienced ones – assume that all gloves are more or less the same and don’t take the time to compare options and find the right fit.

Don’t make that mistake. Take your time, compare options, read reviews, and learn all about goalie glove anatomy. Find out about how goalie glove cuts can vary, for example, and the importance of each piece of the glove-like backhands, closures, etc. 

The more you know, the better informed you’ll be, and the easier you’ll find it to pick an appropriate pair of gloves to lift your on-pitch performance. 

Pick a Pair to Suit Your Playing Style

They might all have the same basic objective – keep the ball out of the net – but every goalie has their own style of play. 

Some like to have the ball in their hands as much as possible. Others prefer punching it away. Some take risks – like spectacular dives – while others are more conservative in their movements, and therefore a little less likely to suffer wrist or finger injuries.

It’s recommended to pick a pair of goalkeeper gloves that align closely with your play style. If you’re a big puncher, get gloves with a solid backhand. If you play a risky game, focus on safety and finger protection. If you love to hold and throw the ball, focus on a cut that gives you the grip and control you need.

Don’t Settle for Gloves That Don’t Feel Right

Here’s another common mistake a lot of goalies make. They buy a pair of gloves, perhaps an expensive pair, wear them for a few games, but feel that something isn’t quite right.

Maybe the closure is a little loose, for example, or the grip doesn’t feel strong enough, so the ball slips from their hands time and again. Or perhaps the gloves don’t feel thick or protective enough, leaving the wearer uncomfortable or even worried for their safety.

Too many keepers simply settle for that kind of situation. They tell themselves “I just need to get used to it,” or “It’d be the same with any other pair.” In reality, switching to a different, more appropriate pair of gloves could make all the difference. So don’t stick with gloves that don’t feel right to you.

Look After Your Gloves in Between Games

Last, but certainly not least, and arguably most important of all: glove maintenance. Again, this is something that many keepers – both young and old – overlook, neglect, or ignore completely. But it’s so important if you want your gloves to go the distance and maintain their grip, comfort, and strength for years of use.

A lot of dirt and grime builds up on gloves over the course of the average game. So make sure you wash them after matches. Rinsing under a tap works well, and use your fingers or a gentle cloth to brush away dirt. But avoid any harsh chemicals, solvents, or rough brushes. Otherwise, you may risk damaging the gloves.

Always let your gloves dry off naturally, too, rather than tossing them in a drier. Then, keep them somewhere safe and dry until the next time you need to use them.

Get More from Your Gloves

All in all, it doesn’t take much to maximise your value from goalkeeper gloves. Just make a little effort on the maintenance side of things, and be sure to choose your gloves with care. Avoid the common mistakes listed above, and you should feel much more comfortable and confident between the sticks.