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League of Ireland 2016 Season Review

League of Ireland 2016 Season Review

It's over, it's finally over. After nine months of action, the League of Ireland season drew to a close last weekend when runners up in the league [...]

The FAI Continue to Ignore League of Ireland Players

As many of you who follow me on social media know, despite being Irish, I don't support the Irish national team. In fact in the recent European Cha [...]

Dundalk FC – Doing Ireland Proud

Stand back - this is going to hurt if you're too close to me - DUNDALK FC FROM IRELAND ARE ONE WIN AWAY FROM THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE GROUP STAGES E [...]

League of Ireland – The Greatest League in the World

When I start talking to non-Irish people about the League Of Ireland and what it means to me, I always tell them look up the hashtag on Twitter #Great [...]
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