In-depth Look at Why English Clubs Are Dominating the Champions League

England might be teeming with elite football clubs, but it isn’t best known for dominating the Champions League — that is, until now.

We all know how the annual Champions League usually ends up. It was always a Spanish team reigning supreme over anyone. If it’s not Real Madrid, then there’s Barcelona to save the day for the los aficionados al futbol around the world.

However, this year might be an exemption to that rule, as five English teams made it to the league’s knockout stage. This is after the almighty Liverpool had a recent 7-0 thrashing sweep over Spartak Moscow.

But it’s not a surprise for Liverpool, as they aced the competition five times already. Luckily for them, they have Philippe Coutinho to back up their offense with a witty hat trick finisher. Together with them are other clubs who qualified to the last 16. These were Sevilla, Porto, and Shakhtar Donetsk to name a few.

The other English teams to make it to the next level of the Champions League are Man City, Man United, Chelsea, and Tottenham. Sounds familiar? Well, it’s because they’re the top candidates for Premier League supremacy.

Man City’s on top of England’s finest league with 1/20 odds, while Man United’s catching up on the second spot fast with its 9/1 odds. Chelsea is on the 3rd spot with 50/1 odds, the same as Liverpool. Then there’s Hotspur who’s on the 6th spot with 100/1 odds.

In knowing these odds, it would be easy to place your bets with the top UK online bookmakers. However, this one’s not just for the English Premier League, but for a much bigger tournament encompassing different clubs from different countries.

But where do these English teams stack up in the Champions League? The answer to that is they’re loosely scattered throughout the list. Man City’s on the 2nd spot of the league’s betting game with 9/2 odds, next to the no. 1 Paris Saint-German that has strong 7/2 odds.

Liverpool is ranked 6th as the possible outright winner with 16/1 odds. Meanwhile, the no. 7 Tottenham and no. 8 Man United share the same odds of 16/1. Then there’s Chelsea who’s at 10th spot of the betting game with a less impressive 20/1 odds.

This comes as a surprise knowing that the Blues is the latest English team to win the Champions League Finals way back in 2011.

Getting back to what happened in the qualifying round last Wednesday, it wasn’t that hard to know that Liverpool’s going to annihilate Spartak. Coutinho himself led the attack scoring two goals in the first 15 minutes of the game. His first hat-trick then sealed the deal on the 50-minute mark.

But the 25-year-old Brazilian isn’t the only one who took the credits, but Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, and Roberto Firmino as well. All three Reds managed to contribute goals to Jurgen Klopp’s club, with Mane scoring two goals.

It was one of the best finishes of Manchester United, which just proved they’re a legit finals-contender in this year’s Champions League. This then led to them winning Group E with three points ahead of Sevilla.

But out of the other four English teams, why is Liverpool at the center stage of news headlines? It’s because they’re catching up fast with Paris Saint-Germain’s 25 goals this season, being just two goals shy of them with their 23. 

Even Coach Jurgen Klopp didn’t see their recent accomplishment coming. He says that he and his players never imagined it would be happening. Needless to say, his opinion is what the whole world thinks.

And it’s not just an accomplishment for Liverpool, but for all the English teams in the league as well. Indeed, England is up for taking away Spain’s dominance in the Champions League.