Brazil’s 27 State Championships In 2024

Brazil’s 27 State Championships In 2024

It’s that time of year again in Brazil as the 2024 State Championships are due to begin this month, meaning fierce local rivalries re-ignite as each team seeks bragging rights.

Last year saw; Águia de Marabá, Amazonas, and Real Brasília crowned champions of their respective states for the first time and they will now be hoping to defend their titles.

Campeonato Acreano

Start Date: 17/02/2024

Defending Champions: Rio Branco (49)

Record winners: Rio Branco (49)

Campeonato Alagoano

Start Date: 20/01/2024

Defending Champions: Clube de Regatas Brasil (33)

Record winners: Centro Sportivo Alagoano (40)

Campeonato Amapaense

Start Date: 04/02/2024

Defending Champions: Trem Desportivo Clube (8)

Record winners: Macapá (17)

Campeonato Amazonense

Start Date: 19/01/2024

Defending Champions: Amazonas (1)

Record winners: Nacional (43)

Campeonato Baiano

Start Date: 14/01/2024

Defending Champions: Bahia (50)

Record winners: Bahia (50)

Campeonato Cearense

Start Date: 20/01/2024

Defending Champions: Fortaleza (46)

Record winners: Fortaleza (46)

Campeonato Brasiliense

Start Date: 13/01/2024

Defending Champions: Real Brasília (1)

Record winners: Gama (13)

Campeonato Capixaba

Start Date: 18/01/2024

Defending Champions: Real Noroeste (3)

Record winners: Rio Branco (37)

Campeonato Goiano

Start Date: 17/01/2024

Defending Champions: Atlético Goianiense (17)

Record winners: Goiás (28)

Campeonato Maranhense

Start Date: 10/01/2024

Defending Champions: Maranhão (15)

Record winners: Sampaio Corrêa (36)

Campeonato Mato-Grossense

Start Date: 20/01/2024

Defending Champions: Cuiabá (12)

Record winners: Mixto (24)

Campeonato Sul-Mato-Grossense

Start Date: 21/01/2024

Defending Champions: Costa Rica EC (2)

Record winners: Operário (12)

Campeonato Mineiro

Start Date: 24/01/2024

Defending Champions: Atlético Mineiro (48)

Record winners: Atlético Mineiro (48)

Campeonato Paraense

Start Date: 20/01/2024

Defending Champions: Águia de Marabá (1)

Record winners: Paysandu (49)

Campeonato Paraibano

Start Date: 17/01/2024

Defending Champions: Treze (17)

Record winners: Botafogo PB (30)

Campeonato Paranaense

Start Date: 17/01/2024

Defending Champions: Athletico Paranaense (27)

Record winners: Coritiba (39)

Campeonato Pernambucano

Start Date: 10/01/2024

Defending Champions:Sport Recife (43)

Record winners: Sport Recife (43)

Campeonato Piauiense

Start Date: 13/01/2024

Defending Champions: River Atlético Clube (32)

Record winners: River Atlético Clube (32)

Campeonato Carioca

Start Date: 17/01/2024

Defending Champions: Fluminense (33)

Record winners: Flamengo (37)

Campeonato Potiguar

Start Date: 10/01/2024

Defending Champions: América Futebol Clube (RN) (37)

Record winners: ABC Futebol Clube (57)

Campeonato Gaúcho

Start Date: 20/01/2024

Defending Champions: Grêmio (42)

Record winners: Grêmio (42)

Campeonato Rondoniense

Start Date: 17/02/2024

Defending Champions: Porto Velho (3)

Record winners: Ferroviário Atlético Clube (17) Dissolved in 1990*

Campeonato Roraimense

Start Date: TBC

Defending Champions: São Raimundo (14)

Record winners: Baré (26)

Campeonato Catarinense

Start Date: 20/01/2024

Defending Champions: Criciúma (11)

Record winners: Avaí FC/Figueirense FC (18)

Campeonato Paulista

Start Date: 20/01/2023

Defending Champions: Palmeiras (25)

Record winners: Corinthians (30)

Campeonato Sergipano

Start Date: 13/01/2024

Defending Champions: Itabaiana (11)

Record winners: Sergipe (37)

Campeonato Tocantinense

Start Date: 27/01/2024

Defending Champions: Tocantinópolis (7)

Record winners: Palmas (8)