57 – Thierry Henry: France/Zidane v Brazil 2006 – 90 World Cup Minutes In 90 Days

WFI‘s Adam Brandon counts down to Russia 2018 with 90 World Cup goals in 90 days, scored in the minute corresponding to the day in the countdown.


Brazil were trying to defend the title while France had a lot to prove after a poor showing in Korea four years earlier.

Brazil reached the quarter finals comfortably with a 3-0 win over Ghana. France hit Spain with two late goals for a 3-1 victory in Hannover.

Pre-match, Zidane can be seen laughing and joking with Ronaldo. For such an important match, the French No 10 looked remarkably relaxed.

The next 90 minutes would showcase Zidane at his best. The performance is so revered in Brazil that a highlights reel of Zidane’s performance in that game is shown in their football museum in Sao Paulo.



The Goal

With a wonderful piece of skill, Zidane starts a move where they win a free kick and then he delivers the perfect ball to Henry…


What Happened Next?

Against Portugal, Zidane grabbed the winner from the spot to ensure France reached the final. In the final he put his country ahead, again via a penalty, before Italy found an equaliser soon after.

The final went to extra time and as it drifted towards a penalty shoot out Zidane infamously lost his head and head-butted Marcos Materazzi. He was sent off and Italy lifted the World Cup for the fourth time.

Zidane retired.



Zidane vs. Spain


Zidane headbutt statue…