Why Frank Lampard Is The Right Man At The Right Time For Chelsea

Why Frank Lampard Is The Right Man At The Right Time For Chelsea

When the transfer market opens in July Chelsea would normally be one of those teams making moves.

In the past they have become known for buying talented players and never shy away from spending money.

Chelsea has bought players such as Didier Drogba, Andriy Shevchenko, Fernando Torres, and many more throughout the history of the club. Well-known coaches could also fall into that category, such as Jose Mourinho, Maurizo Sarri, and Antonio Conte.

Chelsea is known to purchase the biggest names on the market. Their youth team are very talented and have encountered challenges to make the first team in recent seasons, with many being loaned out to other clubs.

This seemingly impossible task of making the first team has left mixed emotions for some, such as Reece James, Mason Mount, Kurt Zouma, and Tammy Abraham to name a few, as they have had little time with the first team.

The club was given a two-window transfer ban for breaching regulations regarding the transfer of players under the age of 18. With Maurizo Sarri leaving and Chelsea unable to sign new players, this made finding a new coach more difficult.

Initially, the sight of a transfer ban would be a challenge for the club as they were used to spending money for the big name, whether it was a coach or player.

For the first time in the history of club, a new direction was needed and long time hero and Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech was appointed Technical and Performance Advisor.

This meant the start of something new. Shortly after the appointment of Cech, Chelsea finally came to a decision to appoint a new manager.

After months of speculation and rumours swirling, another long-time Chelsea legend was chosen and Frank Lampard was appointed the new coach of Chelsea.

Bringing in Lampard meant that the club was going in a new direction and initiating a change. The Chelsea legend is neither the flashiest nor most established of coaches, as he only coached for one season with Derby County.

The Englishman is known for his successes, winning many titles as a player of Chelsea. While it wasn’t on the coaching side, that wealth of winning will benefit him as he understands hard work, determination, and what it takes to win.

Still learning the role and developing, Lampard brings a wealth of knowledge of the academy system, so those in the academy could benefit with a chance at the first team.

Lampard has also brought assistant coach Jody Morris with him. He will assist with tactics, formations, and formation changes in game, and will educate him along the way. Lampard is very good at motivating and communicating with his players, and will be able to get the most out of his team.

What does this mean for Chelsea going forward? It means the club will go through a transition this year and could expect many more changes.

When news broke of the transfer ban it had many fans fearing the team would not be able to compete this season. What will the team look like without signing players? Is it smart to bring a coach with only one year of experience?

Only time will tell but not all should be viewed negatively. This change should be embraced as a positive. Many of the young talent which was sent on loan will finally have a chance to be displayed in the first team, such as Mount, Abraham, and James.

If some don’t make the first team, chances are that Lampard will find a club that will offer playing time for his youth players.

Lampard is a great choice to take the reins of the club because management requires thinking, bringing new ideas, being proactive, and being able to implement them. He checks all the boxes and will bring a new vision to the team and one that was needed.

The first season will be difficult, but it shouldn’t be disregarded that this team still has a lot of good, young talent, and returning talent from last year’s squad.

The words from owner Roman Abramovich are assuring, as he let the new coach know that the first year will be more of a learning experience and he will not be judged since he has no access to the transfer market.

But the second year will be more challenging. While getting reassurance from the owner is always great to hear, we should take everything with a grain of salt.

With the relationship the two have, it’s safe to say that Lampard will have at least two years to prove himself.

If I had to be bet on it, it seems that the young coach will succeed beyond two years because, if there’s something we know about Lampard, it’s that he always finds a way to win.

Guess what, Chelsea fans, although we were not accustomed to this signing, Lampard will do this and when he does, we will all look back at how this signing was one of the best signings the club made in a long time.