How Serie A Could Have a Nail-Biting Ending

How Serie A Could Have a Nail-Biting Ending

The Italian Serie A promises a dramatic climax as it resumes after the break. Everyone is already wondering who will be the champion?

Who will come so close to the title in the finals and miss it? Which teams will go down as the best contenders for the top spot?

With a proper soccer prediction formula, you can work out the results of every un-played match. You can then use these predictions to foresee how the season will end.

For most teams and fanatics, the end of Serie A this season could be full of tears. Based on current standings, there are both good and bad surprises in almost all the upcoming matches.

If you are following the league to improve your betting winnings, you will need to do your homework well before placing your bets.

There are three really good contenders to win Serie A and though Juventus top the table, it might be more difficult to choose a winner than usual. This article focuses on the three top contenders selected based on current standings.

Most likely to Win: Juventus

Ronaldo Sarri Verona Juventus

Before the mandatory break, Juventus was the top dog in the league with a 66-point lead and gunning for its ninth straight title. True, there is no surprise in the team leading, we give the team an 85% chance of lifting the trophy this season. Considering how tight the Series A league is at the moment, there is no guarantee that Juventus will maintain or widen their 1-point lead over Lazio.

There is also Atlanta to worry about, a giant-slaying team with young talents capable of upsetting Juventus from their lead. Whether you are cheering for or against Juventus, you will appreciate that it got even stronger when Cristiano Ronaldo joined the team in 2018.

The race for the Italian title is promising to be thrilling for the fans and unpredictable for the players. This is because every nail-biting-end to a league is often a precedent to a major shakeup of players and teams in the following season.

With defenders Giorgio Chiellini and Merih Demiral already back in the field, Juventus is the favourite team to win Serie A. The team is now well prepared to focus on protecting its lead and winning the Italian Cup for the tenth straight time.

Second Most Likely to Win: Lazio

Simone Inzaghi Lazio

Lazio is the second favourite team to win the 2019/20 Serie A title championship. The second team on the performance chart has about a 75% chance of winning based on their new line-up and remaining matches.

Both game spectators and enthusiasts have been consistent in describing the league as ‘Italy’s top soap opera’. The league is thrilling and action-packed but can be very unpredictable with feuds and dynasty clashes. Lazio has been at the centre of all these dramas, but we can excuse they have some of the top-paid athletes in the league.

If any team can overthrow Juventus from their comfortable spot, Lazio can. With a single point behind the kings, the Stadio Olimpico team could make the league have a painful ending for people betting on the status quo. The team could pull it off too if coach Simone Inzaghi could find a way to help the team restore the energy they had before the break.

Another Contender to Watch: Inter Milan

Antonio Conte Inter Atalanta

There is little chance that Inter Milan will pull off a miracle to win the 2019/20 Series A title, but the team is the best place to cause upsets in the league. The team has on its roster some of the most popular players off the pitch. The team is presently third in the Serie A table, but we can give it a slim 50% chance of winning most of its left matches to lift the trophy.

Inter Milan has made significant leaps this season compared to the last. The team’s CEO Alessandro Antonello admits that various challenges held the team’s performance back in the last season. However, the team has made great changes that have significantly improved their games this season. When the league returns, he says, Inter Milan will be the team to bet on as it looks to thrash all the teams lined up to play against it.

For religious followers of Serie A, or someone just interested in a good title race, the league promises to be the most closely contested as the European 2019/20 seasons finally come to an end.