About WFI

World Football Index is a media outlet dedicated to covering the world of association football.

We scour the globe for soccer, and report on it through podcasts, writing, and social media.

We have access to a worldwide network of soccer-football experts, many of whom contribute exclusively to WFI.

The WFI podcast features a wide range of guests: from fans to highly qualified coaches, and from journalists to former players.

The podcast is recorded and produced by our team here at WFI, and you can find us on all your favourite podcast platforms.

At the end of the year we use our network of football people to produce a list of 100 players. It consists of footballers from around the world who’ve entertained us during the past 12 months. We call it the #WFI100.


Dave Caren – Head Producer – Journeyman Striker
Dave is responsible for much of the audio output you hear on the World Football Index podcast feed. Whether this is presenting, editing, producing, ideas for new shows, organising guests, or quality control, Dave is your man if you want to find out more about our podcasts.

Grant Jendo – Editor – Volante
The Scotsman with the Brazilian shirt name. Jendo is the primary editor of words on World Football Index, and makes sure that the written content is up to scratch before it’s published.

James Nalton – Founding Editor – Left Winger
Founder of World Football Index. Blame him.